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Lead Funnel Cloud Review : 3 Dead-Simple and Easy Step to Get More Subscribers, Traffic, Leads, and Commission

Lead  Funnel Cloud Review : 3 Dead-Simple and Easy Step to Get More Subscribers, Traffic, Leads, and Commission Hands-free using Lead  Funnel Cloud and It’s Copy-Paste System

Lead  Funnel Cloud is super powerful and great because you will get ready to use templates and email follow up. You just need to just add your affiliate link and boost your sales and commissions. It means that you will be able to earn recurring income for years. This software is full of incredible features to make the users easy. Never worry about your product, why? Because this software will also provide you with 100 proven and high converting product. So you will easily sell and promote those most popular digital products from top affiliate networks such as JVZoo, PayDotCom, ClickBank and others.  Lead  Funnel Cloud also helps you to build your list by having more leads and social traffic. You will never ever lose your traffic anymore, you will get a lot of benefit instead. Moreover, this software is compliant with GDPR so you will never lose your data and there will be no compliance threats. And the best way is that the software is really easy to use. Anyone regardless to their job can use this software and get the same result as a pro with Lead  Funnel Cloud.

Lead  Funnel Cloud is a cloud based software that will help you to get more subscribers and build your own list. This software is really easy to use and you don’t need to install or download anything. Moreover you can save your time and money to try unproven software. By having this software you will be easily to get many high converting product to promote. You will also be easy in making a huge profit. If you have this software you don’t need to create a Product that either is superbly unique and out beats every other competitor on pricing , features and compatibility. It’s too time consuming and requires tons of consistent efforts. You also don’t need to create landing pages that can convince users to sign-up. The best part in having Lead  Funnel Cloud you don’t need to learn HTML, Coding and other highly technical and complex stuff like SEO or to have some basic knowledge of copywriting that itself is a whole new Skill. This is a great chance for you since it is really easy to use and this Lead  Funnel Cloud software.

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Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud

Lead  Funnel Cloud Step By Step :

  • Step 1 : Choose Your Funnels

The first step you can do is to get your funnels. This is what you need to start when you want to  have you list building system. You also don’t need to create he funnels by yourself. You just need to select any of the ready-to-use, proven to convert done-for-you lead funnels.

  • Step 2 : Add the Affiliate Link

The next step you need to do is to add the affiliate link. After you choose the funnel, you need a link. You can simply add your affiliate link to get credited directly for affiliate sales.

  • Step 3 : Enjoy Your Profit

Now, this is your time to enjoy your traffic. It’s the time the action begins, the software will put this Lead funnel on fly mode that is a conversion and viral Traffic Machine and you watch your accounts to see the commissions rolling in.

With Lead  Funnel Cloud You Need No:

  • No Prior Experience

LeadFunnelCloud is 100% newbie friendly. It’s pure and simple automation that requires no prior skills. Start using the power-packed platform and make profits faster and easier.

  • No Budget

With LeadFunnelCloud, you don’t need to burn your pockets by hiring expensive graphic designing services or spend weeks waiting for results. It’s been Custom Created for your to make the most out of your lead funnels without spending a dime.

  • A Fool-Proof System

LeadFunnelCloud is designed by a 7-figure marketer, who himself has faced the pains and frustration of building list from scratch, and monetizing it with affiliate marketing, this sumo app has all the elements sequenced to perfection to create the winning formula that works repeatedly without fail.

  • Fake Engagement

LeadFunnelCloud comes loaded with 25 ready-to-use lead funnels that are stunnigly designed and can start converting for you from day 1. Even you have the finest crafted follow-up emails to help you start building a relationship with your potential buyers and educate them about your products and services.

  • Get Low Affiliate Commissions

LeadFunnelCloud comes packed with 100 carefully selected products so you can promote them to your subscribers and boost affiliate commissions.

What You Will Get from Lead  Funnel Cloud :

  • 25 DFY Lead Funnels

Yes, all you need to do is just add your affiliate ID and you have all the qualified leads squeezed in your lists and when you have the ‘whos’ with you then it’s damn easy to get them converted to your offers and solutions, which simply means more sales and more Commissions.

  • DFU Follow-Up Emails That Skyrocket Engagement and Conversions

And, with LeadFunnelCloud, every beginner’s biggest Fear to Miss Out is also happily answered. Yes, you will be delivered professionally crafted follow-up emails, which are absolutely ready-to-use and would help you PUSH lead generation and improve sales and conversations

  • 100 High-Converting and Selected Products Selected for you To Promote

LeadFunnelCloud is that trusted system that would pay you over the years to come. So, choose from the awesome, evergreen, up-to-date and super-powerful products that have already proved their mettle and have super-fueled the commissions for their promoters.

  • High Converting and Ready-To-Use 50 Lead Funnel Templates

Now this is something that will leverage you with the power of professional and elegant designs which can be tweaked conveniently and used as engagement boosters for different set of customers who are in hunt of product and solutions that add real value to their life. LeadFunnelCloud comes in with 50 super-stunning hand-picked lead funnel templates, that are crafted to precision to help you seize in leads.

  • Stunning 1 Click Profitable Lead Funnels in 60 Seconds Flat

With LeadFunnelCloud you can create UNLIMITED lead funnels, that are ready to attract and engage customers. It’s extremely fun and super easy to create a lead funnel in 60 seconds flat. And these funnels work 24*7 for you without a fail and you have Unstoppable supply of quality buyer-ready traffic, leads and sales.

Lead  Funnel Cloud Powerful Features :

  • Built-In Editor to Create Hundreds of Unique Campaign Designs

LeadFunnelCloud comes powered with an in-line editor that is damn easy to use. And you don’t need to be a tech geek to operate it. No mandatory understanding of HTML or CSS required.

  • FB Messenger Integration on All Sales Pages

It has Facebook Messenger Integration so that you can Chat Directly with them and convert them into lifetime buyers without forcing them to sign-up or login to your site.

  • GDPR Compliant

GDPR is no Greek Puzzle if you are in the Online Marketing space striving to make money online through a system. And, to reduce one of the reasons causing you wrinkles and dark circles, LeadFunnelCloud is built ensuring GDPR guidelines.

  • Smart Autoresponder Integration

LeadFunnelCloud is pure and Easy automation that makes integration tasks a No-brainer. So, get your sieved leads saved for future and keep luring them with the most awesome of offers.

  • Security for You and Your Customers

To help you protect against theft of data, LeadFunnelCloud comes encrypted with an SSL certificate to keep your sensitive data intact. When you show your customers that their personal information is safe with you ultimately win their trust and have direct effect on your sales

  • Built-in SEO settings

LeadFunnelCloud has built-in SEO settings through which you can grab search rankings and fresh targeted traffic. And with quality organic offers floating in you have more leads and sales.

  • Built-in Social Sharing

Share your lead funnels on 3 major Social Networks and drive in targeted audience hands free. Yes, you can now define few settings and dig in streams of Fresh, Hot and Viral Traffic from 3 biggest social giants – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud Lead Funnel Cloud

Summary :

Lead  Funnel Cloud

You can now press a simple button and instantly get your own fully automated affiliate marketing system that gets you free leads, sales and more commissions. And the best part is, this is not another super-savvy system and requires no hosting, no domain name and no technical skills. You need to get to know this sleek yet powerful tool which makes list building easy along with creating profitable lead funnels so easy and push button simple way that you start profiting easily, repeatedly. LeadFunnelCloud comes loaded with the 25 proven converting lead funnels. They are carefully chosen for you and are ready to turn into lead and affiliate commissions machines. LeadFunnelCloud eliminates the costs that you could have spend on getting professional designs hiring freelancers and professionals, for as low as $47 for a design which would have been way different to your expectations.

Check here : Lead  Funnel Cloud – 3 Dead-Simple and Easy Step to Get More Subscribers, Traffic, Leads, and Commission Hands-free using Lead  Funnel Cloud and It’s Copy-Paste System

OTO 1 – Lead  Funnel Cloud Elite

Lead  Funnel Cloud Elite is your new powerful way to create 100% set- and-forget funnels and generate 5x more traffic, leads and make 5 times more recurring, passive commissions with virtually no extra effort. With Elite edition, you can also create unlimited instagram campaigns and promote an unlimited number of campaigns to tap into 500 million active instagram users. So, you can multiply your benefits and dominate the fastest growing social media site with no extra effort.

Lead  Funnel Cloud Elite Great Features:

  • Set Traffic Automation Rules once and Forget

Facebook is filled with oceans of traffic. But, tapping into that traffic manually is difficult and remains an unsolved mystery for countless marketers. Now, you can breathe easy as with this unique feature, you can easily drive hordes of laser targeted traffic from Facebook with just the click of a button on complete autopilot.

  • Create Unlimited Twitter Campaigns On Complete Automation Funnels

 With LeadFunnelCloud Elite edition, you can create UNLIMITED Twitter campaigns and promote “N” number of campaigns on Twitter with just one click of a button. Ultimately, you just set automation rules once and this monster drives floods of laser targeted traffic without even lifting a finger.

  • Completed with 50 more researched products

It is used to promote to have an endless supply of affiliate commissions and sales. They’ll convert crazily for you and help you to maximize your affiliate commissions hands down.

  • 25 Attractive Promo Templates

Now, you can easily capture visitor’s attention. No imagining what looks good and what works. Just choose a template, edit it and you’re ready to rock in few seconds.

  • 5 Eye Catchy Viral Funnel Templates

This is eye catchy and professionally- designed social media templates those literally force every visitor to share about you on top social media giants, so you can get 5X more viral traffic on your offers. And best part is you can customize them according to your needs and targeted audience. You don’t need to do any extra work as all these templates are fully editable.

  • Maximize ROI From Your Leads With Webinar Integration

For webinar integration, just put API key inside the box and you are ready to get more registrants without losing a single lead. So, when someone fills the form, they automatically will get registered for webinar and you can get maximum ROI.

  • Make Sites More Attractive By Adding Images From Media Library

Eye-catchy images are the best way to attract attention of audience and get them hooked to your lead funnels. Yep, LeadFunnelCloud Elite Edition gives you the power to upload attractive images from library and grab their attention by the neck to boost sales and commissions like you always wanted.

OTO 2 – Lead  Funnel Cloud Enterprise

Lead  Funnel Cloud Enterprise will make you easy to double your conversion and your traffic to make more and more profit. LeadFunnelCloud is fantastic at setting up stunning lead funnels with 1 single click. But even with the most gorgeous products in any niche without traffic you’re effectively not making any money. So, LeadFunnelCloud Enterprise Edition gives you the power to drive automated Viral Traffic from 4 hotter Social Networks LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit. LeadFunnelCloud Enterprise Edition automatically shares your funnels on top social media networks every day. This way, all you need to do is just add high converting products to your funnels. Then, the magic begins, and your offer gets viral on social media and you’ll see high converting viral traffic and without you having to do anything.

Lead  Funnel Cloud Enterprise Features :

  • Get 4 Instant High PR Backlinks for Better Indexing and Search Ranking

You will get 4 high quality backlinks whenever you add a product to your funnel and get tons of traffic that converts into leads, sales and profits. Just set it once and forget it, and get instant social, high PR backlinks and floods of laser targeted traffic without even lifting a finger

  • 10x Your Profits With Virtually No Extra Efforts with Stats

Get to know about all you social sharing efforts. In social reports, you get the complete list of social sharing campaigns created, platform used for sharing post, posting status and date as well. You will get advanced reports for every funnel to know exactly what is working and what simply not. So here you can see complete business, funnel and social report for every affiliate funnel and product selected.

  • 5 Extra Eye Catchy Viral Funnel Templates To Get Even More Traffic

You will get 5 extra professionally- designed social media templates that literally force every visitor to share about you on top social media giants, so you can get 10x more viral traffic on your offers. And best part is you can customize them according to your needs and targeted audience. You don’t need to do any extra work as all these templates are editable.

  • 25 More Attractive Promo Funnel Templates To Have An Endless Supply Of Affiliate Commissions And Sales

With this upgrade you are getting 25 promo templates to promote your offers with a twist. Now, you can easily capture visitor’s attention. No imagining what looks good for your offers and what works best for them, we already did all the hard work for you. All you need to is, just select a template from the list, edit it and you’re ready to rock in few seconds. These templates are beautifully designed and can be customized as per your brand and need.

  • Maximize ROI From Your Leads With CRM Integration

Now, you can easily integrate leads directly into your desired CRM tool in a hassle-free manner. For integrating CRM, you will need to insert the consumer key and consumer secret information in the fields and you are all set to integrate the CRM. This upgrade is a complete package to churn out the best for you with automation but that’s not all, there is something more remarkable with the Enterprise edition.

  • Create Up To 50 Businesses (Sub-Domains) For Promoting Products

Now, you too can establish yourself as an authority in the market by creating up to 50 businesses and build unlimited profitable lead funnels to get them maximum affiliate commissions.

  • Share Control of your Dashboard To Up To 5 Team Members

You can add up-to 5 team members to manage your campaigns according to their roles and what action they can perform in dashboard. You can also create team and assign roles and permissions to them. All you need to do is click on the add new user tab and fill all the information including the name of the person, their email address and assign them specific roles and give privileges that you want to give to that person.

OTO 3 – Lead  Funnel Cloud Reseller

Lead  Funnel Cloud Reseller allows you to sell LeadFunnelCloud to anyone and get all the profit for you. You don’t need to share your profit with the provider. All is yours. You will be authorized to sell LeadFunnelCloud to anyone you want on our website and the whole profit will be only yours. Today you start selling your own, winning software to make money like gurus do. And even better thing is, you can do it all without an initial investment of $5000-10,000 in building it. We already covered it for you. Everything is hosted for you. You don’t even need a website. It’s extremely simple and easy. This means you don’t need to invest your time and money in any grunt work. All you need to do is use everything that is provided and sit back and see your profits growing.

The Benefit in having Lead  Funnel Cloud Reseller :

  • You will start getting 100% commissions after the 7-day launch period gets over. Along with this, you’ll be delighted to know that, we’re also giving 50% commissions over the entire funnel as a complementary gesture. So, you can make up for your investment only by having one sale itself.
  • LeadFunnelCloud removes all the hassles and create proven converting lead funnels with no additional effort or expense to satisfy needs of hungry customers. So, isn’t that a big solution for marketers.
  • Having a full feature-packed software that creates instant 1-click profitable lead funnels that builds a huge list, gets targeted traffic and affiliate commissions on 100% autopilot.
  • Get LeadFunnelCloud from you for any amount and you keep 100% profits in your pocket with this, once in a lifetime opportunity.

OTO 4 – Lead  Funnel Cloud Premium Membership

Lead  Funnel Cloud Premium Membership is the chance for everyone to be the one of pro marketer. You can do it instantly because this membership version will be really advantageous for you. You will get everything you need to make profit from online. With this upgrade, you can create unlimited business sub-domains for all your businesses. Now, you can take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level by creating unlimited business sub-domains and managing each of them separately for each business. All you have to do is click the Activate Premium Membership and Agency License button below, and it will be activated instantly. So, grab this no brainer for a dirt-cheap price before it gets away forever.

Everything inside Lead  Funnel Cloud Premium Membership :

  • 5 Brand New Eye-Catchy, Hand-Picked and Premium Marketing Templates Delivered Every Month

These funnel templates are the latest in the market and based on what’s working great these days in the industry. These premium funnel templates will add laurels to your purchase and help you to boost conversions, leads and affiliate commissions hands down. You can use them any way you like.

  • Unlimited Agency License with Unlimited Sub-domain/Businesses for your clients
  • Affiliate marketing is really great. LeadFunnelCloud removes all the hassles and automates lead funnel building that skyrockets affiliate commissions and profits. Now, you too can establish yourself as a Pro Marketer by creating unlimited stunning and beautifully designed funnels and provide highly-in-demand services to marketers. Tons of such marketers are out there on Google, Warrior Forum, JVZoo, JVShare and ClickBank waiting for such a great solution. As our software works round-the-clock in the background and takes care of everything, you only need to do is – Just reach to them and charge them $97 a pop for your 15 minutes of work.
  • Add Unlimited Team Members For Yourself and Client’s Business Management

Now, managing unlimited team members will be a cakewalk for you. You can manage your businesses effectively by assigning roles and privileges to your in-house team members accordingly and reduce your burden of managing hundreds of accounts and projects.

  • Upload Unlimited Images To Library Hosted On Our Fast Servers And Get 200GB Bandwidth/Month

With this premium upgrade, you can upload as much images as you want and everything is hosted for you in the servers which you can use again and again to make your lead funnels more appealing and engage maximum audience.

  • Enjoy Lightning Fast Speed With Our Premium CDN Services

Lead funnels with slow load speed have very less conversions. But with LeadFunnelCloud, we have deployed premium CDN services to accelerate page load speed, and reduce bandwidth consumption and provide secure applications, all contributing to get faster load times and boost your commissions.

  • Best –in-class Premium Support

With LeadFunnelCloud premium membership and agency license, along with our dedicated chat support, you also get premium Skype support, so a majority of your queries can be solved by us in the shortest time possible.

  • Regular Updates

With this Premium Membership you won’t ever have to wait for long durations and waste your money worrying for updates.


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